Tenant Trace

Tracing tenants is not impossible. There are a number of techniques we can use to help you re-establish contact with a missing debtor.

Tenant Trace

Tracing Tenants is NOT Impossible!!!

Tenant vacated leaving behind unpaid rent? ... Repair costs? We can help

Our tracing service has access to sophisticated search tools enabling us to cross-reference information from sources such as local authorities, utility companies, banks, credit card providers, the Post Office and many, many more.

Reliance Tracing Services
Free Initial Trace

We start by conducting an initial trace (best performed six to eight weeks after they vacated the property). This provides an insight into their current status and if tracing records have been updated. Where the initial trace looks promising we can then proceed and compile a detailed report and put you back in the driving seat.

Our searches will:

  • Establish whether your debtor is resident at their last known address, or whether they have moved
  • Find your debtor's newest address
  • Trace and assess your debtor's financial position
  • Determine whether your debtor has changed their name